Fiber Works

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Perched Hamadryas

Perched Hamadryas      38″h x 32″w


Desert Sculptural, Blooming

Desert Sculptural, Blooming      45″h x 23.5″w


Leaf Flakes        Leaf Flakes-detail

 Leaf Flakes       52″h x 26″w  x ~2″d    (and detail)



 Leaves + Pods (Diptych)       44″h X 46″w    (and detail)



The Little Jewel        18″h x 14″w    (and detail)



The Little Gem        18″h x 14″w    (and detail)




The Color of Leaves I        19″h x 15″w

The Color of Leaves II        20″h x 15″w   



Cholla Study V:  Cholla in the Clear Light        16″h x 12″w


Parry's Painted

Parry’s Painted        15″h x 19″w